SEVILLE / July 10th, 2019


Available the first edition of the book “El sistema de torres musulmanas en la Sierra de Segura. Una contribución al paisaje y patrimonio rural de al-Andalus“. The book presents a system of medieval structures that join a territory and build a landscape. They are a set of towers and ruins, built in rammed earth during the twelfth century in the valley of the Guadalimar, Hornos and Trujala rivers, located in the current Natural Park of Sierra de Segura in the province of Jaén (Spain). These structures, constructed apparently with a defensive purpose, constitute a network of rural elements, isolated and scattered, that connect orography, roads, fluvial resources, villages, crops, etc. They are settlements able to anthropize spaces, organizing a region and becoming indispensable pieces of the landscape that we admire today. The main contribution of this publication is the results obtained in the R&D&I project “Segura” as well as the graphic documentation. The work’s aim is to disseminate the progress and the findings of the research and to make known this magnificent and unknown heritage that supports an inherited landscape—a landscape that is not only natural, but above all cultural, and whose components are presented for the first time with an integrating will and vision.



Publisher: HAC University Books
Date: 2019
Printed: 124 pages: captions; 25cm.
ISBN : 978-84-120786-1-9