One of Healthy Architecture & City’s main objectives is the dissemination of its research. To this end, they participate in the management of R&D&I activities and the organisation of activities and events in which their members play an active part. The research group mainly disseminates its research findings through books, articles and publications in indexed journals, along with contributions in conferences, workshops and seminars of international prestige.

The research group also disseminates its activities in person through conferences, seminars and research-exchanging workshops and online on various social networks, forums, foundations, bodies and associations of users with whom they participate and collaborate. The scientific production of its members is collected in different databases such as ORCIDAVERY, SCOPUS, DIALNET, GoogleScholar o PRISMA. It is also found in internet repositories such as ResearchGate, ACADEMIA or Google Scholar.

The open access production of our researchers is collected in repositories such as ResearchGate or ACADEMIA, although the main institutional repository in which the scientific contributions and research data of the members of the Healthy Architecture & City group are collected is IDUS repository of the University of Seville: