Healthy Architecture & City is a research group that can help you grow from research and professional points of view. If you are curious and enjoy research, you can participate in our research, gaining experience and training by focusing on the design of environments for the elderly and those with functional and cognitive challenges. You can also participate in the design and construction of healthy atmospheres personalised for these groups, which can ultimately be extended to the rest of society.

We advise you about your possible paths and specialisations after you complete your undergraduate studies. If you are interested, we will guide you through the necessary steps to undertake postgraduate and specialised studies, fundamental for having a specialised added value to achieve better employability in an increasingly demanding and competitive society. Check out our section:

Support for researchers

We inform you about national and international training and the most valued master’s degrees with the most career opportunities. Additionally, we give you information about doctoral studies and the required process to earn a PhD, and we provide grant and support announcements that can help finance these studies. If you are interested in a professional research career, get in touch with us.