HELSINKI / October 6 and 7, 2023


Researcher María Lozano-Gómez participates in the COMPASS Conference: Transferable Skills for Research & Innovation. A scientific event that has taken place in Helsinki in the first week of October 2023 and is organized by the Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, a member of the European Ulysseus alliance. The researcher, selected by the Scientific Committee of the congress, represents the Healthy Architecture & City research group of the University of Seville with the paper:


Long-Life Wellness from an Architectural Perspective: Design of Ambient Assisted Living for the Ageing Population and Persons with Cognitive Disabilities 



Within the seven innovation hub topics that this international Conference will address, María Lozano’s contribution is framed in the topic of Ageing and Wellbeing. On the European agenda, education and R&D in healthcare and well-being are a key priority, as is the case for the Healthy Architecture & City group. The economic crisis and demographic change have especially compromised public health, constituting a key challenge for our societies. This is why the main topics addressed by the Ulysseus alliance of universities are: ‘Aging in the city’, ‘Silver economy’, ‘Environmental impacts on aging and well-being’ and ‘Understanding the aging process’.

COMPASS Conference aims to bring together researchers to share their work that is aligned with the main themes of the Ulysseus European University Innovation Center which are: Sustainable energy, transport and mobility for smart cities, Aging and well-being, Tourism, art and heritage, Sustainable entrepreneurship and impact, Digitalization, robotics and cybersecurity transforming the future, AI applied to business and education, and Socioecological sustainability.

COMPASS Conference