SEVILLE / April 13, 2024



The TESIS programme on Canal Sur includes the research carried out over the last three years by our team on the Albuhera reservoir and the Garganta del Ciervo dam, within the framework of the #ProyectoSegura. An important hydraulic infrastructure, built in the 12th century in the Sierra de Segura, whose cartography, characterization, and dating have allowed us to know its function, water diversion and storage system, the capacity of the reservoir, and the cause of the collapse of the dam.

The work of data collection, source analysis, and laboratory tests began in the summer of 2020 and ended last year. Various methods were used, such as GIS georeferencing, point clouds, and topographic or photogrammetric surveys. The results provide highly relevant information on the forms of water supply in rural Al-Andalus.

This TESIS report has had the participation of a team of researchers from the University of Seville, composed, among others, by Santiago Quesada, professor of the Architectural Design Department at the University of Sevilla; María Lozano, architect; and Francisco Javier Alejandre, professor of the Department of Architectural Construction.

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The hydraulic heritage of al-Andalus
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