DENIA / November  9 – 11,  2016


The department of Health at Denia Hospital organised the III International Conference of Spaces of Art and Health. A biennial event that took place at the Marina Salud Hospital in Denia. During the meeting, the participants linked, from a scientific and artistic perspective, aspects regarding neuro-aesthetics, music therapy and creativity, education and health. Art is an extraordinary and complex tool for treating cultural and social aspects, among which is health, naturally. To be able to tackle the convergence between different disciplines and fields of action. The conference is structured by five thematic round tables:

1- Artistic and cultural practises with and from hospitals.
2- Neuro-aesthetics.
3- Music therapy.
4- Art therapy.
5- Art and health in social and cultural institutions.

The research group Healthy Architecture & City  has contributed by showing research carried out through work activities with users with Alzheimer’s dementia, consisting of drawing exercises as a convenient thought transmission tool.