SEVILLE / February 24, 2017



Public presentation of the research group Healthy Architecture & City in the Conference Hall of the Technical School of Architecture in Seville. After the presentation of the group’s mission, vision and objectives, the film Losa Game. Portrait of an outsider artist will be screened with a subsequent debate with its director, professor Angel Cagiga

Losa game. Portrait of an outsider artist traces a journey through the hybrid region between art and insanity through the life of Ramón Losa, a schizophrenic artist who throughout a series of meetings, addresses and depicts a series of aspects about his mental health, his friendships, his environment… and above all his relationship with art, gallery owners, critics and most fundamentally, his own plastic artwork, which he displays and creates before our eyes, showing us his own reality. 

This event is organised by the research group Healthy Architecture & City as part of one of their lines of research “Planning for absence of memory”, in which they are developing different doctoral theses centred on research between architecture and cognitive health and, specifically, the development of assisted environments for patients with Alzheimer’s.