SEVILLE / October 11, 2023


Towards a Healthy Architecture: A New Paradigm in the Design and Construction of Buildings article published in the high-impact international journal BUILDINGS by researchers from the group: Santiago Quesada-García, Pablo J. Valero-Flores, and María Lozano-Gómez, has obtained the:


in Architecture and Construction Sciences.


The main contribution of this article is the definition of what Healthy Architecture means. A recent paradigm that today’s society is imperatively demanding: designing and building healthier spaces and buildings. From a new perspective, this work describes and develops the nature of this new social demand. To do this, an analysis of the state-of-the-art is made, ranging from the hygiene movements of the 19th century to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. It also explains how this concept arises and is consolidated in the last thirty years. This article is the result of multidisciplinary research in which areas such as Medicine, Architecture and Psychology have collaborated. It is a theoretical work that aims to contribute to establishing the foundations on which to build an epistemology that gives body and content to this new paradigm in the construction of a Healthy Architecture. A theory whose foundations are not focused on resolving the pathogenic aspects of buildings, but rather incorporates an innovative salutogenic approach that integrates cognitive, emotional and physiological aspects. The article ends by proposing a decalogue of principles and five foundational points to take into account so that a space or building can be considered healthy.


Towards a Healthy Architecture