Enterprise Conversation Planning Lab.

Digitalized Productivity Management

University of Seville

Grupo ISA

Our Mission

The main goal of this project is advancing in the body of knowledge needed to perform Operations Management as done in manufacturing but with knowledge workers. We call this field ECP: Enterprise Conversation Planners

This we are focused in defining the new tools, method and best practices to increase productivity of knowledge workers in the new work environments appeared in the last 5 years as a result of the 4th Industrial Revolution: that context can be defined as one in which the companies are «going digital» (digital transformation) and are facing VUCA (Volatile, Unexpected, Complex and Ambiguous) environments.

Why is this important?

Daily, only 2 out of 8 total hours are of effective work.

47% of the day work is dedicated to interruptions.

41% of tasks are never done

All of this together brings lack of balance and productivity.

Our Goals

All the above is addressed from 5 subprojects

Top left, the strategic and leadership part in digital environments.

Bottom left, agile execution

Top right, applying Big Data to help people be more efficient

Bottom right, integration of artifficial intelligence in knowledge work.

Bottom, maintaining energy and motivation in high change and demand environments.

Our Work Scheme

The main aspect of these R+D projects is that the standard mode is reversed. The research serves fully the participant companies. Is la having a R+D department «for free». What we obtain are real problems to address.

The format consists of you posing several problems related with the previous research lines and, from the University, researchers of Psychology, Operations Management, Human Resources and Information Technologies work together to address and solve the problem.


Lab's Head

Joaquin Peña Siles
Lab Head – Profesor Contratado Doctor en la Universidad de Sevilla

Research Staff

Adela del Río
Profesor Ayudante Doctor en la Universidad de Sevilla
Manuel Resinas
Profesor Contratado Doctor en la Universidad de Sevilla
Carlos Müller
Profesor Ayudante Doctor en la Universidad de Sevilla
Alfonso E. Márquez
Profesor Ayudante Doctor Interino en la Universidad de Sevilla

PhD Students

Alfonso Bravo
Researcher and PhD Student
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Get in!

There are only a few requirements/guidelines.

Your company exploits the research’s results in advantage for 1 year, without making any economic investment of any kind. After that year the results would be disclosed. The privacy and the Industrial or Intellectual Property will always be upheld. All the publications should be also reviewed and accepted by the participant companies.

The only compromise we ask your company is to participate in a meeting twice a year (usually in Madrid). In those meetings we will show the results and we will ask the companies for feedback about those results and about which other problems you want to address from the University.

We also ask you, as far as possible, letting us make a survey to assess the problems and solutions proposed.

We are already working in this project with several Multinational and IBEX 35 Companies