Samuel Arias Sánchez

Docencia Investigación

I was born in Seville, where I also studied the degree in Psychology that I finished in 2009. This same year I obtained the professional degree in music in the specialty of piano and the Best Andalusian University Student Award in 2009, endowed with a scholarship for the completion of the Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management. In 2010, I graduated from the Master in Advanced Studies in Brain and Behavior, as a first step for doctoral studies; and in 2011, I completed a third Master’s Degree in Psychology of Organizations and Work, both from the University of Seville.

During college, I started collaborating with the Human Activity Laboratory (HUM-327). I start working as an intern in 2007, with a grant for research support in 2008 and as a researcher wiht a Ph.D. scholarship from 2011. During this period I have participated in several research projects, three of which considered excellent and funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Spain. Thanks to a Scholarship for Research Personnel in Training, I did my doctoral thesis, which under the title “Construction of the job identity in working settings” I defended in 2015.

This Dissertation had a special international mention for my visiting research experiences in the University of Florence (Italy) with professor Andrea Smorti, and in the Family narratives Laboratory of the Emory University (USA) with professor Robyn Fivush. These two are complemented with the postdoctoral visiting research to the Institute of Mental Health of the Nottingham University, with professor Paul Crawford.

Also, as a teacher I have taught Cultural Psychology, Psychology of Thought and Language, Psychology of Attention and Perception and Psychology of Communication and Culture of the undergraduate program in Psychology. I have also taught in “Gender, psychosocial processes and intervention” of the undergraduate program in Social Work and “Development for equality and diversity” of the undergraduate program of Education and Social Work. I have also taught subjects in the area of Human Resources as Conflict Management, of the undergraduate program in Labor Relations and Human Resources, Methodology of research and organizational evaluation, of the official Master’s degree in Social Intervention and Methodology of research and organizational evaluation, of the official Master in Human Resources Management.

Currently, I teach two Master courses: “Methodology of research and organizational evaluation”, of the official Master’s in Social Intervention, and “Methodology of research and organizational evaluation”, of the official Master in Human Resources Management. As well as the subjects “Research Methods in Psychology” and “Design and data analysis in Psychology II”, as an assistant lecturer of the area of Methodology of behavioral sciences.

I also supervise many  Final Undergraduates research projects in Psychology and I research on in areas as diverse as mental health and other groups in situations of special vulnerability, artistic practices, service-learning at the University, research methodologies, the study of the self or the development of professional identity. I work with the Laboratory of Human Activity (HUM-327) and in my research page, you could find many examples of my presentations at national and international conferences, and publications in books and journals.  and I will be happy to provide any other information you need if you write to me.

Also, on a personal level, I have many hobbies and personal interests that I would love to share with you, such as chess, football, tennis, cycling, languages, music, film, literature, and other artistic manifestations as well as several blogs.

If you want more information about me, you can also visit my personal website.