Alicia Español Nogueiro

Teaching Research

I graduated in psychology in 2012, obtaining the 2011/2012 Extraordinary End of Degree Award, and in 2014, I concluded the Master’s Degree in Brain and Behavior Advanced Studies. Currently, I am realizing Doctorate (PhD) studies in Psychology as a research staff in training period at the University of Seville, by means of the grant of a 2013 FPU aid from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.

I first participated in the Human Activity Laboratory in 2007 while I was studying for a degree. Initially, as an internal student. Later on, by obtaining two Scholarships: “Initiation to the Investigation” from the University of Seville and the Scholarship of “Collaboration” from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports. This allowed me to participate in various group projects and take my first steps in the field of cultural psychology research.

I am interested in the study of how human mind is shaped and built-up by the interaction of sociocultural activities and environments in which people are immersed. Thus, I am working on the thesis on how people who live around and in touch with the border between countries build their identity, guided by Dr. Manuel de la Mata and Dr. Mercedes Cubero.