The Human Activity Laboratory research group (HUM-327) was set up in 1986, led by Professor Juan Daniel Ramírez, along with a group of professors from the area of ​​basic psychology, within the department of experimental psychology at the University of Seville. Currently integrates components from other departments such as evolutionary psychology and education at the same university.

Since then, the team’s work has focused on the study of cognitive processes such as language, thought, memory, educational research, gender studies, identity construction, and its relationship with cultural factors and experiences. This wide trajectory has been ratified through significant results: national and international publications, projects to national and international congresses, courses for professors and experts, R + D + I projects and contracts 11-45.

Likewise, the Human Activity Laboratory has has carried out and develops an important amount of research projects financed by different organizations, which highlights the theoretical, conceptual and methodological development that the group has experienced.


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