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PhD dissertations (defended in 2014-2019)

Pollen flow in fragmented populations of Myrtus communis and Pistacia lentiscus: the importance of mating and pollination systems and the landscape context
Sofia Vilaça Nora, University of Seville. Supervisors: A. Aparicio and RG. Albaladejo. January 2019.
Assessing dispersal limitation of Pistacia lentiscus: spatio-temporal effects due to population fragmentation and frugivory
Clara Parejo Farnés, University of Seville. Supervisors: A. Aparicio and RG. Albaladejo. February 2018.
Evolution and biogeography of heterostyly in Linum (Linaceae)
José Ruiz Martín, University of Seville. Supervisors: Rocío Pérez-Barrales & Juan Arroyo. December 2017.
Biology and Conservation of Sonchus sect. Pustulati Boulos species (Asteraceae): rupicolous endemisms to Baetic-Rifan complex (Western Mediterranean)
José Luis Silva Hernández de Santaolalla, University of Seville. Supervisor: J.A. Mejías. Sept. 2014.
Plant diversity patterns across scales in a Mediterranean biodiversity hotspot; the interface between ecology and history in the Baetic-Rifan range
Rafael Molina Venegas. University of Seville. December 2014. Supervisors: Juan Arroyo Marín, Abelardo Aparicio y Sébastien Lavergne.

Ongoing Thesis Projects

Ecological and historical factors affecting the distribution, dynamics and genetic structure of the cosmopolitan annual plant Arabidopsis thaliana
Bernardo Toledo, Estación Biológica de Doñana (EBD-CSIC). Supervisors: FX Picó, A Marcer. Start: 2018.
Understanding the processes of diversification along the speciation continuum in a recent evolutionary radiation of grasshoppers
Victor Noguerales. Estación Biológica de Doñana e Instituto de Investigación en Recursos Cinegéticos. Supervisors: Joaquín Ortego & Pedro J. Cordero. Julio 2017.
Environmental determinants of species coexistence: interaction networks, soil conditions and plant biodiversity
Rodrigo R. Granjel. University of Seville. Supervisors: Oscar Godoy & Juan Arroyo. Start in 2017.
Synergies between global change drivers on bee populations
Carlos Zaragoza. Estación Biológica de Doñana. Supervisors: Ignasi Bartomeus.
The role of polyploidy in shaping the diversity within the Linum tenuifolium s.l. (Linaceae)
Ana Afonso, University of Coimbra and University of Seville. Supervisors: João Loureiro, Sílvia Castro, Juan Arroyo. Start in 2016.
Diversity of Mediterranean high mountain grasslands in biographical gradients: phylogenetic and phenotypic structure of Nardus stricta community
Martínez-Borda, Estefanía. University of Seville. Supervisors: Juan Arroyo Marín & Marcial Escudero. Start in October 2016.
Historical ecology of the invasion of Datura stramonium and its relation with the evolution of floral morphology
Christine Vaz, University of Seville. Supervisors: Juan Arroyo Marín, Rocío Santos Gally & Juan Núñez-Farfán. Start in 2016.
Triple radiation in the genus Helianthenum: Analysis of the diversification patterns from a micro and macroevolutionary perspective
Sara Martín Hernanz. University of Seville. Supervisors: Abelardo Aparicio & Rafael Albaladejo. Start in 2016.
Reproductive isolation in Linum tenuifoilum s.l. L (Linaceae) in a natural contact zone
Erika R. Olmedo Vicente. University of Seville. Supervisors: Juan Arroyo. Start in 2015.
Deciphering the variation of floral polymorphism in Narcissus (Amaryllidaceae)
Daniel Barranco Álvarez. University of Seville. Supervisors: Juan Arroyo, Rocío Santos Gally & Violeta Simón Porcar. Start in 2015.
Do species perform better at the centre than at the periphery of their distribution? An integrative and multi-scale approach for understanding species range limits
Samuel Pironon, University Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid. Supervisor: MB García. Start: 2012.
Analysis of plant biodiversity components and its temporal evolution in the “Ordesa and Monte Perdido” National Park
Iker Pardo Guereño, University of Barcelona. Supervisor: MB García. Start in 2010.
Research group granted by the Andalusian Regional Government plan for R+D+i (PAIDI RNM-210).