Content is key to non-profit digital media strategy.

The most significant variables in non-profit digital media

This research aims to determine the type of content offered by non-profit digital media, determining whether this content is different and characteristic. For this purpose, a binomial logistic regression analysis was carried out on a sample of digital medias included in the Latin American SembraMedia directory (509 media: 70% for-profit and 30% non-profit). This data from SembraMedia's digital media list showed that non-profit media is having a social impact. As such, it was relevant to address non-profit media as an organisational model compared to for-profit media. Variables such as journalistic genre, the techniques used the origin of the content, and the coverage or type of content were considered. The main conclusion is that non-profit digital media show significant differences in their contents when compared to for-profit ones. These differences are found in the content (environment) and in the journalistic techniques used (data journalism).

Isadora Sánchez-Torné
Francisco Javier Caro-González
Macarena Pérez-Suárez
Int Rev Public Nonprofit Mark (2023).