The Microwaves Group has a number of computational, measurement and fabrication facilities at the third floor of the building of the Physics Faculty of the University of Seville (Avda. Reina Mercedes s/n, 41012-Seville, Spain). This is one of the locations of the Department of Electronics and Electromagnetism.

These are the main facilities that you can find there:

I. Microwave circuits/antennas measurement system

  1. HP8510-B Automatic Vector Network Analyzer (45 MHz-26.5 GHz) . With option 001 (time domain capability). Probe cables 3.5 mm (2, M-F), and 7 mm (2, M-F). Manual calibration kits (with sliding loads) for coax 7 mm and coax 3.5 mm. Verification kits for coax 7 mm and coax 3.5 mm. Full two-port coaxial and TRL calibration methods.

    HP8510B VNA

  2. Agilent PNA series E8363B Automatic Vector Network Analyzer (10 MHz-40 GHz) . With time domain option. Two Probe cables 2.4 mm (up to 50 GHz). Electronic calibration kit (2.4 mm, 50 GHz).

    PNA E8363B ANA

  3. "Argumens" (now HMS) Universal Test Fixture . Including "Argumens" calibration software. 4 SMA launchers for microstrip measurements (to about 15 GHz). 4 V-connector launchers for microstrip measurements and 4 V-connectors launchers for coplanar waveguide measurements (to about 60 GHz)(all from BSW Test Systems and Consulting AG).

    Test Fixture

  4. Cascade Microtech Summit 9000 probe station. With two positioner arms (North-South configuration) and two Air coplanar probes (GSG, 200 microns pitch).

    Probe station

  5. Anechoic chamber (3 x 3 x 7 m). Scientific Atlanta positioners (roll, azimuth and polarization). Control and data acquisition/processing system developed by people from SSR-UPM (Signals, Systems and Communications, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid; Prof. José Luis Besada) on the basis of HP8510B. Far field and Spherical Near Field Range. Set of standard gain horns covering from 2.6 GHz to 18 GHz.

    Anechoic room

  6. Microwave Amplifier Amplifier Research, model 5S164, 5 W, 800 MHz - 4.2 GHz.

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II. Planar circuits/antennas fabrication facility.

We have a "pseudo-clean room" for photo lithographic engraving of planar circuits or antennas. The following items can be found there:

  1. Kodak Image Maker IM200: Masks are produced using this photo camera with low sensitivity film (ISO 25).

    Photo camera

  2. SET Micro Controle MG1410 Mask Aligner: Mask alignment and ultraviolet (UV) exposure is carried out with this machine.

    Mask Aligner

  3. C.I.F. Ultraviolet exposure: ultraviolet (UV) exposure is carried out with this machine in case large substrates are required.

    UV exposure

  4. Extractor hood CRUMAIR 9002-G A: Toxic gases evacuation.

    Extractor hood

  5. Photoresist spinner SET TP6000: Photoresist uniform deposition.


  6. MEMMERT controlled temperature oven: Photoresist "cooking".


  7. Engraving system C.I.F. Autojet II: Acid attack.


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III. Simulation and design software.

  1. Ensemble 4.0 : Electromagnetic planar circuits/antennas simulator.

  2. IE3D Zeland Software: Electromagnetic planar circuits/antennas simulator.

  3. ADS Momentum: Electromagnetic planar circuits/antennas simulator and circuit simulator/optimizer.

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IV. Computation and ofimatics.

  1. 7 Pentium PC Intel based 32 bits.

  2. 3 Pentium PC AMD Athlon 64 bits.

  3. 3 Pentium mobile portable computers.

  4. Scanner, printers, external hard disks.
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V. Library.

Apart from lab facilities, the Microwaves Group has more than 500 books on Electromagnetism, Microwaves, Antennas, Numerical Methods, Programming, etc... Through the services provided by the Library of the University of Seville the group has access to all the relevant journals on Electromagnetism, Microwaves, Antennas and Physics.

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