New Project: Demography, Mobility and Society in Early Complex Societies. The Iberian Megasites of the 4th and 3rd Millennia BCE (DEMOS)

The Spanish Government funds our DEMOS Project (Demography, Mobility and Society in Early Complex Societies: The Iberian Megasites of the 4th and 3rd Millennia BCE) with 200.000€. This project seeks to contribute to a fuller understanding of the roots of early social complexity and gender inequality, including the part originally played by demography, mobility and social interaction (cooperation, conflict, inequality) in that process. DEMOS will expand our understanding of the relationship between early social complexity, monumentality and mobility based on the experience of its two PIs (Marta Cintas-Peña and Leonardo García Sanjuán) and international supporting team, which benefits from twenty years of extensive international scientific collaboration and academic exchange, as well as in-depth scientific expertise and exploration/application of cutting-edge methods, using two case studies: the Antequera megalithic landscape, and the Valencina Copper Age mega-site.  

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