Nov 18, 2022

The MSA Seventh Annual Conference is getting closer! Submit your paper on the theme of “Communities and Change” now, and join us in Newcastle, UK, from July 3–7, 2023.

You can read the full Call for Papers and the submission guidelines here. Please note that you will have to create a new account to submit your paper. We recommend that you use the same log-in details as for the MSA homepage.

Proposals are invited for panels, roundtable discussions, creative workshops and individual papers from members who are committed to attending the conference in person. The MSA especially encourages complete sessions. Each panel should, in principle, consist of 4 presenters and a chair. Each roundtable should consist of around 4-5 participants with shorter statements and discussions. Each participant may appear as a presenter only once (in either a panel or a roundtable) but can act as chair in more than one panel.

We also welcome proposals for special events such as film screenings, performances, exhibitions, etc., to be part of the Cultural Programme. Anyone who wishes to submit a proposal for a creative session is asked to contact the organisers to discuss the proposal and any specific requirements prior to submission.

The final deadline for submissions will be Monday 17 October 2022.

We aim to inform people of the outcome of their submission in mid-December. We aim to provide at the same time the necessary supporting documentation for those needing to apply for visas.

Unfortunately, we do not have the financial or physical capacity to run a hybrid conference, but we will be recording and livestreaming the keynote and plenary sessions to make these as accessible as possible. We realise that this will be very disappointing to many, but the costs of a hybrid conference are prohibitive and would place an insurmountable financial burden on the Association and its members. We will continue to look for creative solutions to try to make a very small number of panels hybrid, but we must prioritise in-person submissions at this stage.

Please send any enquiries to, and any general questions regarding the Memory Studies Association or MSA membership to

Nov 8, 2015

La relación que, como sociedad, establecemos con nuestro pasado, define en parte lo que somos en el presente y, en buena medida, lo que devendremos en el futuro. Dicha relación está sujeta a diversas mediaciones, que van desde la familia a los medios de comunicación de masas pasando, desde luego, por el sistema educativo. En las Jornadas intentaremos abordar cuestionamientos del tipo ¿por qué tenemos, como sociedad, la memoria que tenemos, y no otra? ¿por qué recordamos lo que recordamos? ¿qué papel cumplen los medios de comunicación y las industrias culturales, nacionales e internacionales, en la construcción de la memoria histórica?

Estas I Jornadas se celebrarán los próximos 24 y 25 de noviembre en la Facultad de Comunicación de la Universidad de Sevilla.

Sep 27, 2015

¿Cómo se puede reconstruir una nueva sociedad que ha sido arrasada por la guerra? ¿Cómo un pueblo es capaz de rehacerse después de la mayor deflagración que ha vivido nunca? Y en esa reconstrucción, ¿qué hay de viejo y que hay de nuevo? ¿Qué es lo que se arrastra y cómo se convive con ese duro recuerdo?

Este Seminario Internacional se celebrará del 1 al 3 de octubre en Bilbao y Gernika-Lumo. Una de las conferencias estará a cargo de nuestro compañero y director científico del proyecto, José Luis Gutiérrez, miembro del equipo de investigación de esta Red de Memoria histórica y comunicación: los usos políticos del pasado.

Sep 11, 2015

Deadline for submission: October 31, 2015. Key themes:

– the Sense of Place
– the Politics of Space
– Place, Memory and Identity
– Place, Memory and Affect
– Contingent and contested Meanings
– Absent, Silenced and suppressed Memories