Prospective students and postdocts
Students at different levels (undergraduate, postgraduate) and postdocs are encouraged to join our labs to pursuit an academic aim such as BSc, MSc and PhD thesis, provided that they want to initiate or pursuit a research career, or that they may want to have some sound training. Our labs are included in the University of Seville and two research institutes within the Spanish Research Council (CSIC) and thus provide a number of shared facilities. We offer definite projects, included in wide range research programmes, usually funded by national or international research agencies, which aim to get published in high rank journals. The same applies to postdoctoral fellows, although in this case we are open to negotiate a research project within the interests or our group. We advise people interested in joining us, to identify the research line and researcher(s) and write them directly a proposal.
Research group granted by the Andalusian Regional Government plan for R+D+i (PAIDI RNM-210).