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About us

The Applied Nuclear Physics Group in the University of Seville:

The academic staff of the group is working for the University of Seville in the following departments:

  1. Applied Physics 1
  2. Applied Physics 2
  3. Atomic, Molecular and Nuclear Physics
  4. Our researchers are also working at Spanish National Accelerator Center.

About the Applied Nuclear Physics Group:

Research within the Applied Nuclear Physics Group is done in the following areas

  1. 1. Radioactivity Measurement and Mass Spectrometry
  2. 2. Mathematical models
  3. 3. Ion beam analysis(PIXE, RBS, PIGE, NRA)
  4. 4. Nuclear fusion techniques

The work can also be classified by technique; the three main ones used by our group are

  1. Earth Sciences
  2. Nuclear Physics
  3. Mathematics and Statistics