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Current position:

Professor of Electromagnetism in the Department of Electronics and Electromagnetism, Faculty of Physics, University of Seville. Co-responsible for the direction of research Electrohydrodynamics and electrokinetics of suspensions and colloids in the group of Electrohydrodynamics and Cohesive Granular Media.


PhD in Physics, 1993, University of Seville.
PhD thesis: Equilibrium shapes and bifurcation diagrams of liquid bridges and drops in the presence of electric fields.
Director: Antonio Castellanos Mata


ac electroosmosis, dielectrophoresis, electrothermal flow, microsystems, microelectrodes, micropumps, microfluidics, Taylor's cone, electrohydrodynamics, equilibrium shapes, liquid bridge, fine powders, cohesivity, flowability, fluidized bed

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PhD Thesis (Direction)


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